Riot weekend blues.


Detail of Celene Bridge’s Still Life with Pomegranate and Crow Skull


His Girl Friday, 1940 21824262274_0428aa0ab8_b1876735971_490de2d30b_o

X-ray of a rainbow snake from Otis Historical Archive

Watching X-files in between writing papers. I’ve got what my friend calls the riot weekend blues after an epic time in Seattle. 2 weeks to home for Christmas. Preparing presentations, grading papers, spending time making really strong coffee, cleaning for the arrival of a friend on Sunday (!!!) and just trying to cope with my own existence right now.

Somebody pass me a glass of wine, please.

Cultured creatures


These two veritable giants joined me at the Seattle Art Museum this weekend before we got ready for our concert. I kept looking up at their faces to see what they thought of the paintings. I didn’t want to pry and ask. We milled about, sometimes together, other times spread out around the galleries. I love watching people have a relationship with art as much as I love the art so I watched an old man lean in close to a Sisley painting and lean back out. I hoped that he liked the trees as much as I did. Sisley does the best damn trees.

Both Logan and Mary fell in love with Renoirs that were side by side. I stuck by my painting of butter, but once Mary pointed out how gorgeous the skin tones on the Renoir portrait of a young girl were, I couldn’t stop looking as well. The Renoir Logan was fascinated by had the most incredible layers of oil creating a garden which at times seemed more like fireworks or a kaleidoscope that I’d look through as a child.

I also loved the Dutch Baroque still lifes and as we approach them I thought about the best line in all of Disney history: If it’s not Baroque, don’t fix it (said by the clock in Beauty and the Beast) and wanted to laugh out loud.

A good few hours in a place full of fantastic art with some not-too-awful people was much needed. Museums replenish my soul in a way I am bad at articulating but even more so with good company.

A long way to go

Writing, procrastinating, writing, walking, writing, eating, writing, sleeping, writing some more. Collecting the tiniest pieces of sea glass from the beach. Eating buttery croissants with black coffee in Chinatown, wandering down Fan Tan Alley on grey days and stretching my arms out so I can touch either side, taking the bus all over and people watching. Losing my debit card and having the friendly bank teller replace it while exclaiming that my Montana drivers license has bears on it, which yes I do find pretty neat.

I apologize for not writing more. My mind is so scatterbrained- I can hardly focus on any one thing. Friday the 13th I board a 3 hour ferry to Seattle to join up with friends for a concert, and along the way probably eat some damn fine sushi, see some art, and avoid doing anything truly practical for school. It is supposed to rain quite a bit, but this is the PNW, so I expect nothing else.

Currently obsessed with listening to Noisli which allows me to customize background noise so I can work. Crackling fire + light rain + slight windy noises = my favorite so far! Also perusing this amazing Finnish creator’s blog, Via Liivia, as she posts calming images that for me make me want to nap in an old wooden house and open books I haven’t in some time.

All Hallows Eve

I love October. The darker mornings and quieter evenings, the way that dawn comes later and the foliage looks so vibrant when it’s cloudy.

I shot these earlier this week while I graded papers and drank hot soup from a thermos, bundled in my enormous Icelandic wool scarf. I found mushrooms of all kinds- some looking like lace, others slimy and grotesque, some while and delicate. Leaves as small as a dime and as large as a serving dish of all colors, shapes, sizes. Montana is breathtaking but I cannot state enough how wonderful it is to have a full autumn to revel, ruminate, and appreciate. Weeks and weeks of crunching leaves, smelling the crisp mornings.

Lake weekend

I still find temperate rainforests so eerie. They seem possessive of light and yet repel it. The tones in the rainforest are saturated with greens, reds, and browns- blue is not very present.

Our university program spent the weekend up north on the island at a cabin that slept approximately 20 souls. We arrived, armed with whatever provisions and beverages we chose. I brought a bathing suit, despite it being mid-October, because rumors that people jumped in the lake had reached my ears.

I don’t know these people well. We’re together for two years but that hasn’t stopped me from not knowing these folks in any real capacity. That quickly changed as we gathered around the campfire, eating hotdogs, kielbasa, and asking each other questions and drinking what we’d brought. The caretaker told us about the black bears that had been frequenting the area and we were grateful they had not been seen in the last few days.

The cabin was cozy, full of conversation, and new people. I did jump in the lake sometime after sundown, and it was blissfully cold. I wanted to stay in the water for longer. We all eventually crawled into the loft and zipped ourselves into our sleeping bags.

I woke up at 7 am. I couldn’t sleep. I didn’t want to get up but there wasn’t a point to lying there awake in the now-warm cabin. I grabbed my boots and camera, hat and scarf, and went outside. It was raining, a steady drizzle, but the thick canopy meant that I didn’t get as wet as I could have once I entered the woods.

The woods were so quiet. The amount of vegetation paired with the rain meant that I couldn’t hear very well. When I stumbled upon the clean, glowing white skeleton of a young male deer, I realized I shouldn’t be far into the woods alone, especially without bear spray (I left mine in Montana, and have not purchased any here yet). I took a couple rolls of film in the woods, the low light no doubt making some of them shaky and unsure. I meandered to the dock,

Getting back to the cabin, we made an enormous breakfast and started the second day. Unfortunately, I had to go back to the city, and regrettably packed my sleeping bag and campfire-smelling clothes. What a good, odd, fun 18 hours.

Autumnal Angst

freaks_and_geeks toby_yes whendarkcomes velvetsoul celene_bridge_painting everydaybatman candle_creepy_vibes witchesdarlingedvard_munch_seperation

Painting by Celene Bridge and etching by Edvard Munch, respectively.

Black sweaters, black pants, black boots, black coffee, black black blackblack. I’m on the hunt for the perfect black dress, no luck so far. It will happen.

Procrastinating way too much, getting dizzy spells, feeling tired quite a bit. Feeling uninspired yet excited. I need to eat more protein and stay on task with things. I need to send mail and sweep my apartment more and email people back. I need to improve at being human.

But for now I’ll just keep wearing dark colors and sit in this odd velvet chair and listen to the rain.